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The 5 best bio link page tools for creators!

Ever wonder how these bio link pages have so many cool features? We did some research and found the best tools to create your next bio page and the best part is these all have a FREE plan. These tools are listed from the best in price and features that help creators have an awesome […]

Tech News

Elon Musk vs. OpenAI: Legal experts weigh in

The Elon Musk lawsuit filed yesterday in California against OpenAI, CEO Sam Altman and president Greg Brockman left legal experts scrambling to analyze the bombshell claims. These include breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and unfair competition — all circling around the idea that OpenAI put profits and commercial interests in developing artificial general intelligence […]

Tech News

Generative AI and the big buzz about small language models

Presented by Dell As generative AI burst onto the scene a year ago, technologists quickly became enthralled by the power of large language models (LLMs), which drummed up human-like answers to queries. Yet as is typical in technology, big things gradually come in smaller packages. Mainframes begat client servers. PCs eventually shared workloads with tablets […]


Sony PSVR 2 set to gain PC support starting later this year

Sony’s second-generation virtual reality headset for PlayStation 5, the PSVR 2, is excellent, but there aren’t many titles in the company’s game library to enjoy the tech properly.  However, that is about to change as the company plans to rejuvenate its VR platform by adding PC compatibility.  More Games for PSVR 2! Image: KnowTechie In […]


How to schedule an email in Gmail and Outlook

Quick Answer: To schedule an email in Gmail, write your email as you usual would, then click on the arrow next to the “Send.” From here, select “Schedule send” and choose a date and time for the email to be sent. That’s it. Quick Answer: To schedule an email In Outlook, create a new email, […]


Worm-like robots will soon assist future search and rescue teams

Scientists have been trying to build snakelike, limbless robots for decades. These robots could come in handy in search-and-rescue situations, where they could navigate collapsed buildings to find and assist survivors. With slender, flexible bodies, limbless robots could readily move through confined and cluttered spaces such as debris fields, where walking or wheeled robots and human rescuers tend to […]


Developer brings Game Boy games to life on Apple Vision Pro

The past meets the future in the most unexpected way. The Apple Vision Pro, the latest and greatest from Apple, is now a home for Game Boy games, thanks to the relentless efforts of developer Riley Testut. As originally pointed out by The Verge, Testut updated his iOS app, GBA4iOS–a nostalgic nod that emulates Nintendo Game Boy games on the iPhone. […]


Score the Lenovo Legion Go at a rare discount – 

Attention, gamers: Your quest for the ultimate deal ends here! The Lenovo Legion Go, the pinnacle of handheld gaming consoles, is now within your grasp. And better yet, at a discount! Experience the fusion of elite performance and ergonomic design that catapults your gaming to new heights. Don’t just play the game—dominate it with the […]


No more Netflix free trials? Here’s how to still watch for free

Netflix, the one that started it all, phased out its free trial offerings back in October 2020, leaving many viewers searching for alternative ways to access their content without opening their wallets. Despite this change, users can still find ways to enjoy Netflix’s extensive library of movies and shows for free if they’re savvy enough, […]